Monday 10th of August 2020

Why Linux on desktop?

Since at least 2001, a meme known as "200X will be the year of Linux on the desktop" or "year of the Linux desktop" (YoLD) has been published by a number of tech-related magazines and websites. This refers to an expected breakthrough in Linux adoption by business corporations and personal users.

The reasons for these forecast gains include the installation of a Linux distribution on the desktops of workers for organizations or companies who may not be immediately or otherwise involved in the computing industry, or the acceleration of development for specific applications which find their greatest use on desktop Linux distributions. It can also refer to a breakthrough in the number of pre-installed Linux distributions on personal computers being sold by PC manufacturers such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

Reasons why Linux should be on your desktop?

  1. Cost -- Linux is free, This means its license is a "free license". This license states that anyone is allowed to copy the software, modify it, and redistribute it.

  2. Resources -- Linux runs perfectly well on older hardware, It will allow you to perform usual tasks (surfing the web, writing documents, etc.) just fine.

  3. Performance -- Linux lets you spend more time working, less time reinstalling over and over again (No slowdown).

  4. No bloatware -- Linux is free from adware, trialware, shovelware, and bloatware.

  5. Security -- Last year, 48,000 new virus signatures were documented for Windows, compared to 40 for Linux. Still, most distros come with firewalls and antivirus (AV) software. Programs like Guarddog and Clam-AV are free, of course.

  6. Dual booting -- The best Linux distros make dual booting a simple affair, along with the required disk partitioning (so you don't need to buy partitioning software).

  7. Installation --

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