Monday 10th of August 2020

Linux on the desktop

Desktop Linux, also Linux on the desktop, is where the Linux operating system is installed on a personal computer and is setup for personal use. The term is intended to clarify this usage from other roles, such as, using Linux as a server. Desktop Linux will usually have more "end user" software packages installed. Some Linux distributions have targeted the desktop role specifically. Other distributions include a superset of all of the software available for the platform. In that case, the user may be given the choice to select either a "desktop" or "server" type when the operating system is installed.

Since at least 2001, a meme known as "(year) will be the year of Linux on the Desktop" has been published by a number of tech-related magazines and websites, referring to the prior year's experiences of supposed "gains" for Linux adoption by business corporations.

Web browser
The latest version of Mozilla Firefox webbrowser gives you easy, safe and comfortable suite for visiting your favorite web-sites. OpenOffice.org Calc is a spreadsheet application, that allows you to make computations, analyze and manage data.
E-Mail 3D Desktop
Evolution is the best groupware suite with corporate functionality. evolution lets you filter spam in your incomming emails, check spelling, manage your time, etc. If you enable 3D desktop effects you can switch application windows in an incredibly pretty and funny way.


Most Linux distributions provide a program (APT, YUM, RPM, YAST or UP2DATE) for browsing a list of thousands of free software applications that have already been tested and configured for a specific distribution. These free programs can be downloaded and installed with one mouse click. A digital signature guarantees that the program was not modified after the download package was created and the package manager automatically tracks and installs updates as they become available.

Besides the free Windows compatibility layer Wine, most distributions offer Dual boot and X86 virtualization for running both Linux and Windows on the same computer.


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