Monday 10th of August 2020

Firewall Solutions

Most firewalls are purchased with network security in mind, but the type of security is rarely defined. We work to understand how a network is used and then design the security to protect it. The design for the firewall can evolve as the company changes with security and services to meet your needs over the long term.

This evolutionary process doesn ?t have to start with a small firewall that is solely dedicated to security. Other services and "add-ons" can be designed-in to address various network or company needs. For instance:

  • VPN - Secure remote access that encrypts data between the main office and a remote network or computer.
  • Bandwidth Monitoring - this add-on gives text & graphic information on how connectivity resources are used.
  • Web Caching - Can save up to 40% of the network ?s bandwidth by caching frequently visited web sites.
  • Web Blocking - Allows the firewall to block traffic to many sites that are cause for concern or liability.
  • DMZ Network - A DMZ network is a second network behind the firewall used for services that need to be accessed directly from the Internet, such as mail or web services. The DMZ network is still protected by your firewall. Basically, the private

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