Monday 10th of August 2020

DNS Server

The Domain Name Server plays an important role in making Internet traffic possible. A DNS server is part of a global network of servers that translate host names into numerical IP (Internet Protocol) addresses which computers on the Net use to communicate with each other.

The advantage of having EraCore.Net's DNS server is it can process requests for traffic on your internal network without having to rely on another DNS server outside of your network. All the traffic is localized on our secure and internal network. Basically, this is a security feature because your LAN is essentially "hidden" from the outside world.

The three major functions of a name system are creating a name space, performing name registration and providing name resolution services. Domain Name Servers use a hierarchical tree structure for its name space, and also a hierarchical tree for name authorities and registration.

DNS Name Server Architecture and the Storage of the Distributed Name Database

In a large DNS implementation, information about domains is not centralized in a single database run by one authority. Instead, it is distributed across many different authorities that manage particular top-level domains (TLDs), second-level domains or lower-level subdomains. In the case of the global Internet, literally millions of different


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