Saturday 11th of July 2020

Foreign languages Programs

  1. Programs from the KDE-EDU package (KAnagram, KHangMan, Kiten, KLatin, KLetters, Kverbos, KVocTrain, KWordQuiz) -

    KWordquiz Screenshot

    this is a set of applications that support the learning of foreign languages such as English, German, Japanese, and Latin. The programs are very different; some are just easy games that extend the vocabulary, others are language quizzes, and some are large thematic dictionaries or programs that help review the material.
  2. Anagramarama -

    Anagramarama Screenshot

    An easy game in which we have to make an anagram (word that was created by reordering letters or whole syllables) out of a set of letters. Finding new anagrams will certainly encourage children to learn new words in English (and maybe assist with recalling old anagrams).


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