Monday 10th of August 2020

Astronomy Programs

  1. KStars -

    KStars Screenshot

    KStars is a simulation of a planetarium. It shows a chosen segment of a celestial chart and the associated stars, planets, galaxies, and planetoids. Additionally, it contains a lot of nice tools, such as a time calculator and a solar system diagram.
  2. Stellarium -

    Stellarium Screenshot

    This is a sky simulator. It shows not only stars in the point forms, but also views of the sky in close to real time. There are options that allow for fog effects or change in sky illumination during the day. The sky is shown not as an independent creation, but as a background for a chosen location, and this gives it a more real impression.
  3. Celestia -

    Celestia Screenshot

    This is a 3D simulator of outer space. Not leaving home, we can see how various objects in the universe, from the closest to us, the Moon, to a nebula far away in the cosmos appear in the sky. This application possess a rich database about many celestial bodies and I believe the best way to view them is moving inside the 3D environment. Maybe it

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